I offer eight wedding ring options and four engagement ring workshop choices:


Wedding Ring Workshop Options

gold nugget  

Starting Materials and Fabrication Options

There are many ways to create a wedding ring. This page outlines several different ways we can make your rings, along with the workshop prices.

Simple Bands: Simple Wedding Ring Prices and Options  

Simple Bands

Simple wedding rings are the most popular wedding ring style. I offer a variety of options for creating simple wedding rings. Starting at $1400 labor.

Hammered Wedding Ring Prices and Options  

Hammered Wedding Rings

Hammered wedding rings are the second most popular option after simple bands. This technique can add scintillating glimmer, rustic roughness, or a mathematical pattern to a metal ring.

Inlay Wedding Ring Prices and Options  

Inlay Wedding Rings

For a subtle detail to make rings unique, inlay is an easy technique a beginner can use to customize a wedding ring's appearance.

Mokume Gane Wedding Ring Prices and Options  

Mokume Gane Wedding Rings

For truly unique rings, try the fascinating Japanese technique of mokume gane. Mokume rings can be earthy, fantastical, textural, mathematical. As all of our mokume gane rings are patterned by hand, each ring is unique.

Yellow gold liner  

Liner Wedding Rings

Liners are a popular addition to simple bands. The liner cannot be seen while worn, but is visible whenever the ring is removed.

Diamond Wedding Rings and Rings with Gemstones Pricing and Options  

Diamond Wedding Rings

Gemstones can add a wonderful touch of color, diamonds add glimmering sparkle to a wedding ring.

Twisted Wedding Ring Prices and Options  

Twisted Wedding Rings

Twisting is an easy and fun way to give your rings a bold textural appearance. Small twisted rings go well with simple solitaire engagement rings.

Custom Wedding Ring Prices and Options  

Custom Wedding Rings

Looking for a wedding ring style not listed above? See some past customers' custom wedding rings.


Engagement Ring Options

While it is considerably more romantic to make an engagement ring with your own hands, it is not an easy beginner project. The simpler the design, the more professional looking your finished ring will be. I offer fixed pricing on three popular engagement ring styles, or you can custom design an engagement ring with me.

I source conflict-free & antique diamonds, as well as diamond alternatives such as sapphire, ruby, and emerald. I can also source all of the above stones in eco-friendly lab-created form.


Four-prong Solitaire Engagement Ring Prices and Options  

Solitaire Engagement Ring

The traditional four-prong solitaire engagement ring is the most popular choice among my customers. I offer two variations of this classic design at set prices. Small variations can be made, such as using six-prongs instead of four.

Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring Prices and Options  

Bezel Engagement Ring

Bezel solitaires are another popular option, giving the engagement ring a more contemporary look.

Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring Prices and Options  

Cathedral Engagement Ring

The shanks in cathedral settings curve upwards towards the center stone to create a consistent flow into the diamond when viewed from the side.

Custom Engagement Ring Prices and Options  

Custom Engagement Ring

Looking for an engagement ring style not listed above? We can work together to design a custom piece.


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