Hammered wedding rings are the second most popular option for my customers after simple bands. Hammering a texture into your wedding rings is relatively easy and takes about as long as simple bands.

Most of the pricing and options for hammered bands are the same as for simple band workshops. It is much easier to hammer flat bands than rounded bands.

Depending on the hammer and how you use it, you can create different surface textures. Below are a few examples.


hammered platinum wedding ring
Rounder hammers create deeper hammer marks that catch the light.

rustic finish platinum wedding rings
Lighter blows with a distressed hammer give this wrinkled look.

hammered rings with gold stripe
Relatively consistent small hammer marks are the most popular style.

faceted ring sam abbay
More deliberate angled blows will create a geometric pattern. This ring was not fabricated by
a client. Photo by Joshua Bright.

hammered platinum edges natural
These clients left the edges naturally uneven after hammering.


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