I offer two variations of the classic four-prong solitaire, which is the most popular engagement ring option among my customers. The first is a light and simple solitaire designed for smaller stones, the second a thicker, more shaped design for larger stones.

Light solitaires are best for diamonds from 4.5 - 6.5mm in diameter (about .40ct up to 1ct.) The shaped solitaires are best for diamonds 6.2mm (.90ct) and larger. I generally recommend bezel settings for diamonds below 4.5mm.

I offer solitaire workshops inclusive of preciuos metal and labor. We usually use platinum but can use gold or palladium.

Gemstones are sourced individually for each customer, and are not included in the prices listed below.


light diamond soltaire engagement ring

A straightforward design with a solitaire gemstone will charm your girlfriend with its classic elegance and your personal touch. Best for stones 4.5 - 6.5mm in diameter.
$2800 includes labor, platinum, and sales tax. Gemstones additional.

light solitaire engagement ring
We can make slight variations to my solitaire design without incurring custom engagement ring pricing, such as using six prongs or changing the ring stock dimensions.

light solitaire with blue diamond

This light solitaire engagement ring features a lab-created blue diamond.

shaped solitaire engagement ring

A thicker, heavier, hand-shaped solitaire creates a more sophisticated look as well as
a stronger setting for larger diamonds. Best for gemstones 6.2mm and up.
$3300 includes labor, platinum, and sales tax. Gemstone additional.

shaped solitaire with old european cut diamond
The shaped solitaire tapers as it approaches the diamond. This solitaire features an
old european cut diamond that a client had inherited from his great grandmother. The facets
are larger, producing fewer but crisper sparkles than the modern brilliant cut.

shaped solitaire side view

The side view of a shaped solitaire shows the thickness increasing as the shank meets the setting. This ring was photographed after a year of wear, hence the small scratches.

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