Below are photos of finished rings that clients have made with their own hands in my wedding and engagement ring workshops. The photos are by no means an exhaustive list of what we can make in my studio.


Platinum Wedding Rings Matte & Shiny

Mokume gane star pattern wedding rings on an ice sculpture. This is a finalist in our customer
photo contest.
Photograph by Byron Vasecka.

finished pure platinum wedding rings
Hammered platinum bullion coin bands. Another photo contest finalist.
Photo by Catherine Skelly.

yellow and white gold wedding rings
White gold ring with platinum and silver inlay stripes. Yes, part of the photo contest.
Photograph by Dan Power.

Platinum Wedding Rings Matte & Shiny

Left: Polished platinum 2.5mm domed wedding ring. Right: Matte finish, domed
platinum simple band 6.5mm wide.

Platinum diamond engagement ring
Round brilliant diamond in our shaped platinum solitaire setting.

yellow and white gold wedding rings
Yellow gold stacking rings - one hammered - with a white gold mens matte finish wedding ring.

Moissanite engagement ring set
Moissanite engagement ring set with moissanite flush-set in the wedding ring. The mens band is
platinum with a red gold liner.

platinum wedding rings with gold liner
Platinum wedding rings with 18k yellow gold liners.

Mokume gane star pattern wedding rings dark background

Silver and white gold star pattern mokume gane wedding rings.

diamond engagement ring with offset shank
Platinum diamond solitaire with offset shank.

hammered and twisted wedding rings
Hammered mens wedding ring and twisted woman's band.

old european cut engagement ring

Three-stone bezel engagement ring with antique old european cut diamonds.
Notice the larger facets as compared to round brilliant cut.

platinum ring with repurposed gold inlay stripe
These clients used a ring of his grandmother's as an inlay stripe in his platinum wedding ring. Her
ring is white gold. Notice a slight color difference between the white metals.

lab created blue diamont solitaire
Standard platinum solitaire with blue cultured diamond.
The cubic zirconia to the left is for color comparison.

White gold Wedding Ring with Silver & Platinum Inlay
White gold wedding ring with platinum & silver inlay stripes - same ring as featured in the photo
contest above.

White gold Wedding Ring with Silver & Platinum Inlay
Platinum wedding ring with channel-set diamonds.

Mokume gane woodgrain pattern rings

Mokume gane woodgrain pattern in silver, white, and yellow gold.

Narrow wedding rings 18K yellow with white gold inlay
Thin 18K gold wedding rings with white gold spots. Precious metal is sold by weight, so smaller
rings can be budget friendly.

heirloom diamond three-stone engagement ring
An eco-friendly customer used his grandmother's diamond center stone flanked by two
lab-created blue diamonds.

white and yellow gold wedding rings
Matte yellow gold mens ring with a slightly twisted white gold women's wedding ring.

Mobius twist engagement ring

Princess diamond in a platinum engagement ring with a single (mobius-esque) twist.

Funky mokume wedding rings
Funky silver, white, and red gold mokume gane wedding rings. See more photos
of funky rings here.

Heavy solitaire engagement ring
Shaped platinum diamond solitaire engagement ring.

Platinum stacking wedding rings
Stacking platinum wedding rings. Flat profile. Matte finish.

18K yellow wedding rings and baby ring

They had an adorable baby. 18K yellow gold wedding rings with baby ring.

Fuck Ring made from family jewelry

I know someone that really needs one of these.

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