I offer the Precious Metal Block Workshops at New York Wedding Ring (my shop in Lower Manhattan) for clients who want to make their wedding rings from the same piece of metal, and customers who prefer fixed pricing. Workshops typically last 7-11 hours depending on options and how quickly you work. We can make simple or hammered bands in this workshop, or can make more customized bands as an add-on.


platinum block raw materials

We start with a small block of platinum, gold or palladium. All mokume gane workshops start with a block.

anneal platinum block

The block is heated with a torch to soften the metal and improve malleability.

mill block into ring stock

We pass the metal through a rolling mill to shape it into a ring-shaped strip.

finished ring stock - photo by joshua bright

Prepared gold ring stock. Photo by Joshua Bright.

saw ring stock to length

The ring stock is sawed to length depending on your ring size.

bending ring stock into a ring

Then it is bent into a circle.

align seam of ring

The seam is carefully lined up before joining.


Sam Abbay teaches soldering - photo by Ali Smith

I show you how to solder your ring together. Photo by Ali Smith.

soldering palladium rings - GLBT friendly

Then you join the seam on your wedding ring.


ring clean-up

The seam of the ring is sanded to create a smooth surface.


polishing platinum rings

The rings are polished for shiny rings or brushed for a matte finish.


finished 18k gold rings with matte finish

Finished brushed platinum wedding rings.


I charge $1750 labor for gold, platinum, and palladium block workshops, plus precious metal.
As of 8/4/15, the total price (including workshop, precious metals, and sales tax) are:


$3325 - 950 Platinum
$2725 - 18k White Gold
$2650 - 18k Yellow Gold
$2400 - 950 Palladium
$2350 - 14k Yellow Gold

Prices subject to change.


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